August 16, 2010

editing break

the Y stick

there was a fallen branch
you held it by the handles it had
already become an object to us

you came from the base
dry prefab house its kitchen curtains
had followed you across the country

dragging a net someone had given me
for nothing we could imagine
i trailed you past lawns edged by
split crabapples squirrels left to rot

palms down, you spoke too
loud the woods seized and i was
watching you hard as you watched
the rod you held so lightly

i’ve since learned that
magic comes from sadness
in a person with hope
so all those religions
there you go but
never mind
we were children we
would have been children
if this had happened

another time we talked
for hours you were not
exactly shy but you were used
to leaving people behind

there was something
sad about your brother
you wouldn’t tell me

quivering, the switch led us down
to the creek and along its muddy bank
you moved to kiss me

i took you in
sweating in your blue t-shirt
you were being
strummed by something larger


Samantha said...

I really like this!

saleema said...

Thanks, Samantha!